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by Answers VBS June 10, 2020

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If your church is like many churches, your VBS program is going to look a lot different this year due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Maybe you’re considering just canceling altogether due to these issues. Well, we believe VBS is too good an opportunity to pass up sharing biblical truth and the gospel with congregations and communities. That’s why we dug into our VBS vault and brought out a reformatted “at-home” VBS, IncrediWorld, absolutely free to you.

This program features an amusement (or “amazement”) park theme that takes you on a thrill ride through God’s incredible creation.

Some of you may remember IncrediWorld as it was our VBS program back in 2012. This program features an amusement (or “amazement”) park theme that takes you on a thrill ride through God’s incredible creation. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to share IncrediWorld with others by providing teaching, skits, singing, crafts, music, and much more for free.

We’ve even produced videos to give you more items and ideas for your virtual VBS. Our Answers VBS YouTube channel now features Bible-lesson videos and puppet videos that can be used for your elementary-aged children so you don’t have to make your own (unless you want to, of course). We also have craft, game, snack, and science experiment videos that share the biblical truth that goes along with these tactile teaching tools. In addition, we have music videos (contemporary and traditional) and fun animal videos from Buddy Davis.

You can find all of these videos, and more, in various IncrediWorld playlists on our Answers VBS YouTube channel. We’ve even included a video on how to make your own playlists of the videos you want to share to make it easy to organize and distribute the videos each day to your VBS participants.

Now, this VBS is free to download, but we do have some fun extras you can purchase to make the at-home VBS experience even better. These include licenses to distribute mp3s of the music, puzzles, posters, books, and more.

Or consider purchasing packs of Kids Answers that focus on God’s incredible design of creatures. These six-page magazines are a fun addition to VBS packets for churches that decide to put those together and send them out (or drop them off with appropriate social distancing).

Learn more, and download IncrediWorld, at

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