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Now that Memorial Day is behind us, summer is almost here and with summer comes VBS programs running across the country and around the world. We’re excited that this summer, through local church outreaches, tens of thousands of children will learn about Jesus, the God from eternity past to eternity future, as they see him throughout the Bible and learn about the gospel during Time Lab, our 2018 VBS.

But as churches prepare to teach Time Lab to their young people, our VBS team here at Answers in Genesis is hard at work preparing for the release of our 2019 VBS. Over the past two weeks we’ve been giving out clues about the theme of next year’s summer program. And we’re excited to announce the 2019 Answers VBS theme is . . .

During this VBS, kids will take a trip around the world as they visit different nations, complete challenges, and learn what the Bible says about God’s love for people around the world. Kids will visit South America, Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe without ever leaving home. Along the way, they will learn that we’re all one race, descended from Adam and Eve, and that we have a beautiful variety of skin shades and cultures because of the event at the Tower of Babel.

And throughout the week kids will learn apologetics to equip them to stand strong in their faith. They’ll learn

  • How and when the continents were divided
  • Why we see ziggurats all around the world
  • Why there are so many different languages
  • That we’re one race and one blood
  • What our DNA tells us about us
  • That there’s only one way to salvation for everyone
  • How we can fight prejudice and racism

The Incredible Race is an exciting week of learning to love others, as Christ has loved us, because we’re all related through Adam and Eve. And, as with every Answers VBS, it’s packed with meaty teaching, mission moments, science experiments, the gospel message, and more.

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