Sharing the Gospel in the Pouring Rain in Myanmar

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Myanmar is a nation in Southeast Asia, made up of 149 distinct ethnic groups and nearly 54 million individuals. Of these ethnic groups, 36% are unreached by the gospel. It’s a largely Buddhist nation, with only a very small evangelical Christian population (4.8% compared to 78.1% Buddhist). What does this nation far away have to do with Answers VBS?

CHF partners with local churches and pastors to meet needs (such as hunger), and this opens a door to share the gospel.

Well, we partner with the Children’s Hunger Fund, a gospel-center mercy mission. They are reaching into this nation (among many others) with practical help for those in poverty and the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. CHF partners with local churches and pastors to meet needs (such as hunger), and this opens a door to share the gospel and invite families and individuals to come to church.

Here’s one story of what God is doing in Myanmar through CHF and the pastors and churches they partner with:

It’s monsoon season in Myanmar. Corrugated sheets of metal and plastic tarps are all that keep the incessant downpour from seeping into the home – mostly.

Zeya lays out bamboo mats to cover the floor of the small hut she calls home, filthy from mud being tracked inside. A meager tray of food is set out, highlighting Zeya’s generosity even in her poverty. Today is a special occasion. She is welcoming the local pastor into her home, along with American guests from Children’s Hunger Fund. Zeya has been receiving Food Paks, and she is eager to show her gratitude. She shares her excitement about their impending visit with her neighbor.

Word spreads quickly.

  • Myanmar Group

    By the time Pastor Boo Boo, the CHF staff, and Mercy Network Coordinator Silas (pictured above, on the left) arrive at Zeya’s home, there are between 20 and 25 people gathered in the small space.

  • Myanmar Outside

    Of the 5 families gathered, only 2 were followers of Jesus. But all had the opportunity to hear the gospel’s message of love and redemption. Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country, and despite Pastor Boo Boo’s 4 years of ministry to this area, many of these guests may have never heard the gospel before.

During VBS week, children have the opportunity, as part of our Missions Moment, to bring in spare change ($.25 buys a meal) to help families just like Zeya’s. Your support of CHF through VBS week and beyond, makes it possible for Pastor Boo Boo and other Mercy Network pastors to continue to minister to those in desperate need of food and the hope of Christ. As a VBS leader and volunteer, thank you for partnering with Children’s Hunger Fund in bringing the message of hope to Myanmar.

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