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Growing Hope in Rwanda in the Form of . . . Watermelons

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If you have used Answers VBS in the past, you are probably familiar with Children’s Hunger Fund and our partnership with it through our Mission Moment VBS segment. This ministry offers practical hope to children and families around the world who are suffering from hunger and poverty. And, by partnering with local churches, families don’t just receive help—they receive hope, hearing the message of the gospel (perhaps for the first time) and finding community and love through the local church.

Children’s Hunger Fund is best known for its Food Paks, which cost only a quarter per meal. But it’s involved in other outreaches as well, such as watermelon fields in Rwanda:

During the last twelve years, Rwanda has gone through a period of substantial economic growth, making it one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. Despite this, almost half of the country’s population still lives below the poverty line. Work is scarce, and the pressure to provide brings added tension into the home, but through Children’s Hunger Fund, churches are reaching out and providing practical help and hope.

At Africa New Life Church, a self-sustainability project has begun to bring hope into this situation by offering women the opportunity to contribute to their household income. In a field owned by the church, these Food Pak recipients are tilling the field to plant a watermelon garden. In addition to receiving pay for their work, these women will also be able to take home some of the product both to feed their families and to sell for additional profit.

As the women have been working together, a caring community has developed. They have discovered a safe place to share their struggles and joys. For the first time, these women have an opportunity to hope and plan for a better future. Their plans range from providing clothes for the family, to buying a goat, to saving for a new house. They also have the opportunity to hear about the gospel.

By supporting Children’s Hunger Fund, you are helping children and families find hope and help in amid desperate circumstances. Discover more about CHF at

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