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After spending months getting ready for your week of VBS, you want the children who have registered to attend all five days and remember what they’ve learned long after VBS is over. We have some fun “extras” to help encourage children to not miss even one day and keep thinking about VBS months later.

To encourage children to attend each day, you can offer specific prizes. The child receives one each day and must attend all five days to collect all five. Here are some prize ideas we offer through Answers VBS for our 2019 VBS, The Incredible Race:

Tubular Bandana

Tubular bandana. These fun brightly-colored bandanas can be worn as hats, headbands, scarfs, hoods, neckerchief, armband, and anything else you can imagine! We offer five different colors featuring five different animal pals—one for each day! (Alternatively, you can use these to divide your children into colored teams).


Wristbands. Encourage kids to talk about VBS with others with these fun wristbands, featuring five different colors with the text “The Incredible Race,” and the Scripture reference for our theme verse, Revelation 7:9. Children can earn one wristband every day for attending.

Babel Legends Cards

Babel legends cards. Catch a glimpse of legends of Babel from around the world with these collectible cards. These legends remind us of the true account, found in Genesis 11. We offer five different card designs so children can collect one each day.


Passports. Kids love getting their VBS passport stamped each day when they arrive. Not only does this themed passport hold their stamps, but it also includes a fun sticker and flashlight activity.


Other fun extras for giveaways and prizes include:


The Incredible Race has been incredibly popular so be sure to order your extras soon before we sell out! Learn more and place your order today at AnswersVBS.com.

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