How to Include Teens in Your VBS

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Our last blog encouraged you to expand your VBS outreach beyond just the children who will attend. We shared some of the resources, such as teaching videos, that you can use to help teens (and adults) deepen their knowledge of God’s Word, apologetics, and the gospel of Jesus Christ during VBS week. Of course, the other way to include teens is by asking them to volunteer.

Here are some popular ways to involve teens as volunteers within your VBS:

  • Actors in the drama. Many of the teens look forward each year to participating in the drama. For some, it’s their favorite part! So be sure to recruit teens and harness their enthusiasm for this activity.
  • Song leaders. Teach willing teens the actions for the songs and ask them to lead from the stage. Their enthusiasm is contagious!
  • Team leaders. These individuals check the children in and out every day, lead the children to the different rotations, make sure no one gets lost, and make sure children take home all their crafts and belongings.
  • Assistants. These are the hands and feet of your VBS. They work under the leaders in various roles, including games, crafts, or snack areas.
  • Photographer. Many teens love taking photos or are amateur photographers. Ask a budding photographer to take pictures for your social media (make sure parents have given their permission before posting online) or to show the church how the VBS week went.
  • Nursery assistant. Helps with babies and toddlers in the nursery.
  • Decoration assistants. Many teens have an artistic flair and would love to help create decorations on a Saturday morning or evening before VBS begins. Consider asking the youth pastor if the youth group could volunteer one or two evenings to help create decorations and set them up for VBS week.

Really, the sky is the limit for how you can include teens in your VBS. If the willingness is there, incorporate the teens to help them develop a heart for service as they bless you, your church, and the children in your VBS.

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