The Kingdom Chronicles Treasure Hunt Day 5

by Stacia McKeever May 31, 2013

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King Things Treasure Hunt

Day 5

Good morrow, poppets! (That's old English for "Hello, children!") On our last day, let’s search for some king things. If you need to go outside, stay away from the parking lot and the pond when outside. Once again, you may work alone or in a group. If working alone, find the same number of items as your age. For instance, if you are seven years old, find any seven items on the list. If you are four, find four. If you are working in a group, find at least twelve items.

You have until 6:15 pm to complete the hunt and bring your items and list to the prize counter. One prize per person. No prizes will be given out after 6:15 pm, so get ready, get set, go!

1. A crown

2. A silver coin

3. A play castle

4. A stick horse

5. A gold wrapper or foil

6. A throne

7. Something purple

8. A feather pen

9. A silver serving dish

10. A knight

11. A book about the Middle Ages

12. A picture of a dragon

13. A play shield

14. Someone wearing red jewels

15. The greatest treasure of all – a Bible

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