Why Do Science Experiments in VBS?

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If you’re new to Answers VBS, you may be surprised to see a guide titled “Science and Crafts” that comes with your Starter or Super Starter Kit. Crafts—we’re all familiar with those in a VBS program, but science? Here’s why we include—and why we think you should do—science experiments with your VBS kits:

  1. We want to show kids that Christians love science! The ability to explore and discover more about our natural world is a gift from our Creator who made everything orderly and capable of being studied. We bring glory to him when we think “God’s thoughts after him,” as Johannes Kepler once said.
  2. We want kids to know that science confirms the Bible. We aren’t scared of science or worried that it will disprove the Bible. Science always confirms what we’d expect starting with God’s Word because God’s Word is true.

  • Students Learning Science on Mystery Island
  • Science Confirms the Bible on Mystery Island
  • Conducting Experiments on Mystery Island

  1. It’s another tie-in! The more ways you can reinforce a lesson, the more children are likely to remember the message. We incorporate teaching in everything from snacks to crafts to the science experiment, providing a host of opportunities for children to hear the same truth in different avenues.
  2. It’s a great group activity. The science experiments are generally designed to be done in small groups. These groups allow the children to interact and work with one another, promoting teamwork and friendship.
  3. Kids love them! It’s not very often that children get to do hands-on science experiments. We’ve heard from so many VBS directors and volunteers that kids absolutely love them. And the very best way to learn and retain truth is by doing something you love!

And here’s a bonus reason, sent to us by an Answers VBS user who loved the science experiment feature:

Kids tend to separate learning in school from learning at church. Since church doesn't offer much related to science, it's great to show kids how science and the Bible are integrated and that God's Word is more valuable than any textbook.

We want kids to realize that the Bible isn’t just some book or stories or only a book of spiritual or moral things. It’s the true history of the world that connects with and makes sense of what we see around us.

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