Serving Through the Lockdown: CHF Update

by Answers VBS January 27, 2021

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As the lockdowns and other restrictions continue in many nations throughout the world, poverty, joblessness, hunger, and despair increase. For many, 2020 and the first month of 2021 has been a very trying time due to the effects of the lockdowns—but God has not forgotten those who are struggling, and his church is obeying his command to love those who are hurting and provide for the needs of the poor while giving gospel hope.

Our ministry partners, Children’s Hunger Fund, and their Mercy Network pastors have been meeting the needs, both on US soil and abroad, of families desperate for food, help, and hope. Here’s just one example from the nation of Belarus (an Eastern European country bordered by Russia, Ukraine, and Poland):

Alexey Melnik is one of over 90,000 Belarusians in the last year who have sought employment abroad in order to support their families. He left his wife, Karina, and their eight children in Belarus with the plan of sending money home for the purchase of food and other necessities.

When he arrived in Norway and found the borders closed, Alexey was forced to return home with no job and no way to provide for his family.

In addition to this loss of income, Alexey and Karina have had to provide more food for their children now that they have moved to virtual learning. Previously, their children had received two government-funded meals per day at school. With eight children, that makes a big difference!

He was able to remind them that God sees them and will never abandon them.

When Pastor Potupchik visited the family with food, he was received with tears of joy and gratitude and was able to remind the Melniks that God sees them and will never abandon them.

In another part of Belarus, Pastor Tihkon’s church has been hosting a children’s online Sunday School class while they are unable to hold regular church gatherings. In the Kravtsova home, the two daughters, Yuliy and Sveta, have been attending and completing the Bible homework.

Pastor Tikhon visited the Kravtsova home with a delivery of food, where Yuliy and Sveta were anxiously waiting for him. They were excited to share what they learned in Sunday School with him and wouldn’t let him leave until he reviewed their homework.

Children’s Hunger Fund praises God for the pastors and volunteers who continue to meet families at their point of need, both physical and spiritual.

Belarus Pastor Visit Belarus Family

Hear what Mercy Network pastors are saying as they meet real physical needs in their communities while telling people about the solution to their biggest problem—the sin that separates them from a holy God—as they point people towards the Savior, Jesus:

To join with them in feeding the hungry in Jesus’ name, please visit

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