Making the Lessons Stick: The Incredible Race Crafts

by Answers VBS April 18, 2019

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Most churches will begin their VBS preparations in earnest starting in April, and that includes collecting the necessary supplies needed for the crafts for each day of VBS. If your church is doing Answers VBS The Incredible Race this year, we have five standard crafts, which include:

As one VBS user said, crafts are the glue that makes lessons stick. That’s why we offer hands-on craft activities. But if these crafts are too much for your church due to limited budget or volunteers, this video highlights some simpler options you can consider. These are also fun for supplementary activities if you need to fill some time or for Sunday school classrooms after VBS is over, to reinforce what the children have learned through VBS.

During our free Answers VBS workshop, held at the Creation Museum, volunteers offered an overview of all of the craft items, how to make them, and what supplies you will need. This video (or the shorter individual videos in this playlist) are a great way of getting an overview of what you can expect for your craft station.

VBS Crafts VBS Crafts VBS Crafts VBS Crafts

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