VBS Directors Answer “Why Choose Answers VBS?”

by Answers VBS January 20, 2021

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There are many VBS programs available, or even the option to write your own, so why should you choose to go with Answers VBS? Well, don’t let us tell you—hear from other VBS directors who use Answers VBS.

A children’s ministry director asked our Facebook group why she should choose Answers VBS. She writes,

I’m the Director of Children’s Ministries at our church. I’m not very familiar with any of the Answer in Genesis curriculums. We are considering this VBS for the first time. For those who have used their VBS, why do you use it and what do you like? . . . Really not interested in how great the decor, crafts, snacks, etc. are—interested in the content of the lessons if it is solid and truly useable without a lot of changes. Thanks in advance!

Here’s what other VBS directors and volunteers shared in answer to her question:

The Bible lessons are so much fuller than what we used before.

We tried it 8 years ago, and have never gone back to the other. Great Bible teaching, easy to use. Really, the Bible lessons are so much fuller than what we used before. And our kids LOVE the science lessons that complement the Bible lessons.

It is solid in Biblical truth! We love this curriculum! Everything keeps repeating the lessons to the kids! It is so easy to use and understand! We love it!!
We've used it for over 8 years. I love the Christ centered, apologetics content. The way the lessons are done, even if you shorten the length of VBS, the kids still get so much. It's woven into every aspect as well, so the kids get the same message in Bible lesson as they do in crafts and games. I also LOVE that science is included. In a world where kids need to be able to defend their faith, showing Bible lessons through science helps kids relate. (Emphasis added)
The content is strong and biblical. And I love the way the lessons are written to use many different techniques and modalities of learning. Visual. Auditory. Kinesthetic.
I have been the VBS director at our church for 5 years, this will be my 6th year. The reason I keep going back to Answers is for many reasons. From the snacks, games, assembly time, teaching, crafts everything is so cohesive. All the guides are easily laid out, and they all point to the solid biblical teaching. One of the main reasons I love Answers is the flexibility. I can hand the teachers their books and lessons and there is more content than they will use however it sparks something in them to make it their own within the context. All of my leaders have taken such ownership in their areas that it is easy to lead. I love to see how they have taken VBS and really made it into an outreach. There isn't enough space on FB to really do this justice.
We use it because of the strong apologetic emphasis that is unique to Answers. Our kids need to know why we believe what we believe that contradicts what the secular world tells them. That’s what they get, straight from the Bible, in a fun, engaging way.

So should you choose Answers VBS? Absolutely! We work hard to ensure you receive biblical content that will truly challenge the children who attend your VBS, pointing them to the truth of God’s Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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