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During their time at any Answers VBS, kids will enjoy an assembly time, games, crafts, snacks, and science experiments. You may be tempted to think that some of these stations, such as games and snacks, are just filler or break times for the kids. But there’s nothing “fluffy” about our Answers VBS—everything is designed to reinforce the main lesson of the day.

There’s nothing “fluffy” about our Answers VBS—everything is designed to reinforce the main lesson of the day.

No matter what stations you are leading or volunteering at, you are helping the children participating in the VBS learn God’s Word and the truth found within. Keep that in mind and remember to reinforce the lesson as you serve snacks or as you lead children through a fun activity. How you can do that at your specific station is laid out in your guide, so be sure to read your guide thoroughly.

Why is it so important to reinforce the lesson, even during snack time? Well, our primary goal has always been to bring God glory by boldly and unashamedly proclaiming him to a strategic group—young people! From both a biblical and statistical point of view, young people are a big deal. They’re not only awesome—we love ‘em!—but they’re also dearly cherished by our Lord and tend to be soft-hearted toward spiritual things. Researchers generally agree most people become Christians when they’re children, so it’s apparent this age group is a huge mission field!

That’s why we design every element of our VBS to teach or reinforce truth—we want children to come to a saving knowledge of Christ! And repetition aids learning—the more they hear the truth, the deeper it will sink into their hearts and minds!

And next year, children will be learning who God is and his attributes as they look to the only source of truth, God’s Word. They will gain a better understanding of our awe-inspiring Creator God and the salvation he offers through Jesus Christ. Learn more about our 2020 Answers VBS, Mystery Island, at

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