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We’re excited that through Answers VBS we can partner with Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF). This ministry feeds people around the world in Christ’s name. They meet the practical needs of families here in America and around the world, including providing relief after a natural disaster. But they don’t just provide for material needs; they partner with local churches to share the gospel and meet spiritual needs.

After the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017, CHF sprang into action to help those in the US territory of Puerto Rico. They share this update about their ongoing efforts to meet material and spiritual needs in Puerto Rico:

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last fall, there was a great need for supplies and aid to be accessed quickly. While Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF) made plans to send a container of food, the fastest way to get supplies to children and families in need was for CHF to send money to our local church partner. Volunteers from Iglesia Bautista Glenview (Glenview Baptist Church) in Ponce, Puerto Rico, waited in lines for gas, food, water, and other supplies for up to 24 hours each time they purchased these items. CHF is happy to report that bags of supplies were distributed to local people to meet their physical needs and deliver hope in a desperate situation. In January, CHF received word that our container of food was cleared through customs, and arrived in Puerto Rico. CHF praises God for His provision for these people!

Recently, two CHF ministry development staff people traveled to Puerto Rico. They were able to meet with 70 local churches, FEMA, and some government officials to discuss evaluation and distribution of resources for people suffering in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. CHF’s prayer is for these churches to become part of the CHF Mercy Network of churches. CHF would like to continue sending Food Paks and supplies to these churches so they can meet physical needs and deliver the hope of the gospel to the suffering in Puerto Rico.

Children’s Hunger Fund

CHF also shared this video of their work here in America, fighting poverty and hunger right in our backyards with gospel hope.

We love our partnership with CHF. Through the years, the thousands of children who have participated in Answers VBS programs have raised enough money to provide over four million meals to children and families around the world. Our mission moment is an important part of encouraging children to share the gospel with others and to be generous and aware of the needs of others.

Learn more about Answers VBS at AnswersVBS.com. And visit ChildrensHungerFund.org to learn more about this gospel-centered ministry.

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