How to Make VBS Snack Prep Easier

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The VBS snack leader has a big job. They make sure there is enough food for each child, while accounting for new children coming, not to mention keeping an eye on VBS helpers grabbing snacks out of the kitchen. It can be tough work! Here are some tips for keeping the snacks station running smoothly during your VBS week.

To the VBS Director: Encourage Pre-Registration

Encouraging parents to pre-register their children is the single best thing that you can do for your snacks leader. In fact, this accomplishes two big things for the snacks station:

  1. It gives you a ballpark number of children who will attend your VBS.
  2. It can help you identify allergies ahead of time.

When your snack team knows these details in advance, they can plan snacks for the approximate number of children and know which allergies to accommodate. Many of the snack suggestions in the Answers VBS Ocean Commotion Snacks Guide give you alternatives for health and allergy concerns. For example, the Lifesaver Rings could be a pineapple ring instead of a powdered doughnut for gluten intolerance or for a healthier option! If you can get the student information to your snack leader early, there will be plenty of time to organize.

To the Snacks Leader: Delegate and Be a Leader

As snack leader, you may often feel like you can do everything yourself. And you probably can. But working with a team that you can rely on will make VBS a lot less stressful as you put everything together for the children. Plus it will give you an opportunity to designate snack leaders in training. Most themed snacks require some assembly. Using members of your team can drastically cut down the amount of time you need to spend and gives more people an opportunity to serve.

To ALL Teen Helpers: Remember the Kids Come First

Teens are a big help and vital to a successful VBS. Most teens love working with the kids, showing responsibility, and enjoying having the chance to make a difference. When it comes to snacks though, there have been many times when “helping” turns into “helping themselves.” There is nothing wrong with teens (or other VBS helpers) grabbing a snack, but it is important to make sure that they aren’t grabbing something meant for one of the kids. If you’ve taken the time to plate out just the right amount for each class, the last thing that you would want is for teens to take snacks from those trays or plates.

Teens need to know that the snacks are for the kids first. Consider having VBS helpers come through after the kids, or consider offering a separate snack for them like a bowl of popcorn or plate of brownies. Whatever process you decide on, make sure all the helpers know the plan to ensure that all children get to have their snack. Children need to stay energized and hydrated so they can make it through all the fun of learning what the Bible teaches!

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