Create Incredible Underwater Scenes for VBS with Pre-Made Decorations

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During Vacation Bible School, kids love showing up to their church and seeing the place transformed into an underwater wonderland and adventure zone. It’s the best way to set the stage for an exciting week of learning and exploring.

As busy adults, decorating for VBS on a large scale (especially if you’re trying to decorate the entire church) can be overwhelming. But Answers VBS has a quick and easy solution for your Ocean Commotion VBS or other ocean-themed programs! Our full-color scene setters can produce an aura of aquatic adventure that you can’t get anywhere else.

The Cave Scene

This scene is nearly 18 feet long and more than 7 feet high, ideal for creating an underwater feel in a hallway or on a large wall. You can shorten the set if desired (by removing side panels) or even lengthen it by combining it with the Coral Scene Setter. If you are using this for Ocean Commotion, it is designed to decorate your main assembly area as the backdrop for the Daily Drama, Ocean Land. You can even cut an opening in the cave to create a door for your actors to move in and out. Either way, the coral scene will be a huge hit for your program. Attach these panels to your walls using painter’s tape around the edges or painter’s tape with double-sided tape on top for easy removal. You can also mount the panels to foam board using spray adhesive or self-adhesive foam board and attach to jack stands for use in your assembly area.

The Seaside Shack

The Seaside Shack scene is nearly 16 feet long and more than 7 feet high. Featuring the boat, dock, and beach, kids will love seeing this scene at your Bible lesson station. A poster with the daily lesson themes is included as a bonus with this set.

The Ark

The Ark

As we mention often, this Ark looks very different from the more frivolous ones used in most Noah’s Ark “stories.” Display this 18x5-foot poster to show children that the Ark is no fairy tale! The Ark is an actual vessel that God used to save Noah and his family from the global Flood of judgement. Of course, this set still pales in comparison to the actual size of the Ark given to us in the Bible at approximately 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 50 feet high (300 cubits long x 50 cubits wide x 30 cubits high). Help children understand the immense size of the Ark at

Photo Ops

Once again this year, Answers VBS is offering photo ops to create lasting memories for the VBS kids. Just attach the shark, lobster, octopus, and submarine posters to foam board and cut a hole to provide a fun picture opportunity for the kids and their parents.

Scene setters are a quick and easy solution for VBS decorating. Order your favorite scene setter separately by clicking on the image above or by searching the Answers in Genesis store. Or order the entire Ocean Commotion Scene Setter Pack to get all of the scenes in this article, plus the memory verse poster and animal pals.

Plus, learn how to make a reusable stage set your church can use each year.

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