VBS Leaders Share Their Time Lab Décor Finds

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This year’s Answers VBS is Time Lab, discovering Jesus from eternity past to eternity future. This theme with time travel, “mad scientists,” science, and technology makes for some fun décor! On our Answers VBS Discussion Group, VBS leaders, teachers, and volunteers have shared their Time Lab décor finds to help others get started.

Brandy F. shares that her local Hobby Lobby had “hanging decorations, paper glasses with crazy hair, stickers, safety glasses, cutouts, and paper goods” in the party section of the store. These science-themed items can help you set the scene for your VBS at a low cost.

Party Supplies

Laren N. commented on this post to suggest the paper glasses as a cute name tag idea for pre-K attendees.

Marjorie G. shared this idea: “I cut up colored tissue paper for the Dollar Tree test tubes and managed to put a whole piece of it in my Time Lab cup! I’m going to use them as part of the decoration for our VBS kick-off meeting Sunday.” Having some fun décor for your meeting with your volunteers can help get them “in the mood” and excited about what’s coming up this summer.

Test Tubes and Flask

Lamb L. commented that if your local Dollar Tree doesn’t have test tubes, Amazon.com has fairly decently priced test tubes.

RonTrisha B. shared their finds from Dollar Tree.

Flask Cutouts Robot Cutouts

Not all Dollar Trees carry the same items, so your local store may or may not carry these items.

Wendy B. shared a great idea to save some money on test tubes and beakers. She visited her local thrift store and purchased old glass vases. Filled with colored water (and she suggests some dry ice for a neat effect), they really do look just like test tubes and beakers.

Science Beakers and Flasks

She adds, “I plan to find or print off some clear stickers with various numbers and measurement lines and other science graphics to make them look more authentic.”

If you’re worried about the water spilling and making a mess, Marjorie G. suggests you “use colored tissue paper and cotton coming out of the top.”

Dennis-Sharon G. suggests using Easter egg coloring tablets (which are probably on clearance right now) and glow sticks to make the beakers glow when the lights are lowered.

Also, be sure to visit our store for helpful Time Lab decoration aids, including fun scene setters, posters, and animal pal cutouts that we have designed to make your job as easy as possible.

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