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There is a wide range of VBS music out there. Some may be just for fun, but some illustrate components of the Bible or help reiterate memory verses. Ocean Commotion VBS music is known for rich content, as well as fun and catchy tunes.

One such song from the Ocean Commotion Contemporary Music CD and DVDs is the song Trusting My Life. The lyrics to the song sound as if they are a prayer. The first verse and chorus are below, but you will want to listen to the whole song to get an idea of what you can expect from the contemporary music included in each Answers VBS pack.

Verse 1

Who is the One who made the Earth?
The stars that shine, the universe?
From highest mountain
To the bottom of the sea
God made it all, but He wasn’t done,
Until He made you and me.


So I’m trusting my life with You, Jesus.
You gave your life to make me new.
Yes, I’m trusting my life with You, Jesus.
And I believe your words are true. So, I give my life to You.

Singing this song gives honor to God as the Creator and encourages children to put their trust in Christ. The song also puts into perspective that, as beautiful as God’s creation was, man was the crown jewel, and it wasn’t until after God created man that He called everything “very good.”

If you would prefer music in a more traditional style, songs of that variety are also available from Answers in Genesis and produced in partnership with Majesty Music/Patch the Pirate. Pick up the Contemporary or Traditional Music to get started today, or pick up your Super Starter Kit that includes a CD of music in the style of your choice at

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