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Mystery Island VBS is packed with incredible content about who God is, and we want to help your kids remember what they’ve learned. These resources can be used during the Bible lesson time (Lighthouse Lessons) to encourage nuggets of truth to bury deeper in little hearts and minds:

  • Treasure map with stickers. Kids love treasure maps! This map showcases the layout of Mystery Island. As you visit a different area each day during the lesson time, kids place a medallion sticker, with the attribute of God discussed that day, on the map. This fun map also features the daily Scripture memory verses and animal pals. This is an interactive way to reinforce what they’ve learned and send them home with a fun keepsake to play with the rest of the summer.
  • Treasure chest and coins. Keep the treasure theme going with a fun treasure chest to fill with all the medallions the kids collect. Pass out the treasure box at the beginning of the week, and kids can add the coins and anything else they collect as the week progresses and then take it all home on the last day. The medallions go along with the Bible lesson content for each day. Give kids the medallion that features the daily attribute of God at the end of the Bible lesson or during one of your other rotations. They are sure to be something the kids will love taking home and showing off.
  • Trail Guide. Each day, kids will love getting their guide stamped as they review the daily verse and get a reminder from the daily animal pal. As an added bonus, stickers are included to decorate the guide and its pages. These are available in ESV and KJV for pre-primary and toddler or junior and primary.

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