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With VBS coming to a close, now is the perfect time to think about what went well and what could have gone better. Below are a few questions that would be worth asking as you reflect on Ocean Commotion. You may even consider having your whole volunteer base answer the questions to decide what changes may be good to implement for Operation Arctic VBS next year.

What Worked Well?

This is an important question to start with. Did your drama team do a great job? Was attendance better than projected? Maybe you have a great dismissal program. Make a list of the successful aspects of your program. Then let your volunteers know! Thank your volunteers for being an essential part of making VBS what it was. You may be able to use some of their tricks to improve your entire VBS.

What Did Not Work Well?

In our fallen world, things aren’t going to go perfectly. There will always be some aspect of your program that didn’t go as you expected it to. Were there any issues with your sound cues? Were there any allergy concerns with snack? Did you have all of the game equipment you needed? Write down any issues that you experienced and plan how these could be addressed or minimized for next year’s program.

What Did You Wish You Had Planned More Time For?

Whether in preparation for or during your VBS week, some things just need more time! Perhaps another few weeks of set decorating would have been beneficial. Maybe you need to devote 15 more minutes to drama and closing. Whatever it might be, write down what preparation or schedule changes you want to adjust to make 2017 VBS flow even better.

Who Are Some Key People To Get Involved Early Next Year?

Have you ever had that moment as a VBS director when you think, “I wish I would have recruited this volunteer earlier?” Make a list of the first people to recruit next year to alleviate some of the planning for Operation Arctic.

What Is the #1 Tip You Would Give Yourself (or the 2017 VBS Director) for Next Year?

Another way to ask this could be, What is the one thing you wish you had known before this VBS? This question could encompass so much. This could be a suggestion for planning, executing, marketing, follow-up, or could be a suggestion specific to a certain area of VBS.

Be sure to keep this information for yourself or your director, but also consider sharing your top tips with us! When you fill out the Director Evaluation Form on the Resource DVD-ROM and send it in, we’ll send you a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase at our online store! You can also share your ideas on the Answers VBS Facebook page or Answers VBS Facebook Discussion Group, and we may even compile our favorites into a future blog for the benefit of VBS leaders everywhere!

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