What Your Church Can Do Right Now to Impact Kids

Ways Your Congregation Can Help with VBS

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Scripture says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Because the kids in your church and neighborhood are the next generation, it’s worth investing in their lives for eternity—and worth the work that it takes to reach them.

At Answers VBS, we recommend that your church begin planning for your summer VBS program at least six months before the big week. It takes a whole group of people to make VBS successful. Your congregation can be a tremendous help as you begin to prepare for the summer, and it’s fun to invite everyone in the church to get involved with VBS in some capacity. Here is what you could ask your church people for right now to cut down on last minute scrambling and purchases.

Collect Supplies, Coupons, and Item Donations

Giving the church body a list of craft and science supplies to collect is a simple thing to do and will save time and money. It is also an easy way that people who aren’t normally involved in children’s ministry can serve. For example, below are some of the items you could collect for Answers VBS’s Ocean Commotion. Especially consider asking families who are taking an early vacation if they would consider bringing seashells back for VBS!

  • Seashells of all shapes and sizes for multiple crafts, experiments, and decorations
  • 4 oz. baby food jars
  • Various sizes of empty clear water bottles (8, 12, 16 oz.) with lids
  • Clean, small, blank, white pizza boxes
  • Clear 2 oz. soufflé cups
  • Smooth craft stones (for experiment and game)
  • Blank CDs
  • Power drill
  • Kiddie pools, swim rings, pool noodles, and sand pails (for games and decorating)

Recruit Volunteers for the Summer

About six months before your VBS week starts, make an announcement during your worship service to rally some excitement for the summer. During the dreary winter months in the United States, it’s exciting to think forward to the fun you’ll have at VBS. High school and college students love to take part in a week of fun with the kids, and they’ll be eager to sign up with their parents or with others at your church for leadership roles or volunteer positions. Here are the leadership positions you’ll need to fill first before you register volunteers:

  • Coordinators (for Bible lesson, crafts/science, snacks, games, assembly, missions, etc.) (More on page 54 of the Director Guide)
  • Teachers (Toddler, Pre-Primary, Primary, Junior)
  • Drama Team (6 actors and a director)

Spread the Word and Pray

Once you announce VBS week and encourage parents at your church to register their children, you could cast a vision to the whole congregation about praying for who else they could invite to come experience the gospel at VBS. Throw out categories like family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers to jog their memories as they brainstorm names of kids and their parents to invite. Have a time of prayer for the kids and parents that will come and hear the good news of Christ for the first time. You can get a complete prayer strategy guide in “How To Pray for Your Church’s VBS,” but here are some of the prayer points to help the congregation start to pray for the VBS ministry.

  • That the VBS planning process will go smoothly
  • That God will embolden leaders to share Christ
  • That God will open the hearts of the children and parents coming
  • That the week would be honoring to God

How do you get your whole church involved in planning your VBS? Let us know at http://www.facebook.com/answersvbs.

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