Bringing Hope to Victims of a Mudslide

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Our Answers VBS partner, Children's Hunger Fund, recently shared how they are helping provide practical help and hope to families who were victims of a mudslide and who daily live in danger of having their home or their lives washed away by the next slide. CHF is a wonderful ministry that provides the videos and other items needed for our VBS mission moment. The children involved in VBS then collect coins ($0.25 provides one meal) to feed hungry kids around the world.

Here's what they shared about reaching those who were victims of a mudslide:

A devastating mudslide overwhelmed the hillside community of San Antonio barrio, outside of Guatemala City in 2017. Seventy villagers were displaced from their homes, which were completely destroyed by mud. Families rebuilt on a higher level of ground, but this new community on the hillside (barrio zone 6) is located in a very dangerous area. Crime is rampant, there’s heavy gang activity, clean water is scarce, and the threat of further mudslides is a likely possibility.

A Children’s Hunger Fund team recently joined local pastors to make home visits, bringing life-saving food for these families. A woman named Valeria and her four children were overjoyed to receive a Food Pak with food for the entire family. It provided enough meals for this mother to feed her family for about a week, until our pastors can return with another box of food. Pastor Jacobo and his church continue to serve this family and so many others in the village, for the sake of Christ.

Want to help people just like these families around the world? Get involved with Coin Paks! This video explains how they work and that just $0.25 provides a meal for a hungry child or family.

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