Decorating for Mystery Island: Four Ways to Make Tropical Trees

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VBS season is quickly approaching, and many churches are getting ready to begin preparing as many decorations in advance as they can. And one thing you’re probably going to need a lot of this year is palm trees! Nothing says tropical like palm trees swaying in the breeze (or, in many cases, probably the draft created by an air conditioning unit!). Here are four ways to make a palm tree:

  1. Paper only. These trees are simple to make. Trace and cut leaves from green paper and trunks from brown paper (and add coconuts with even darker brown paper or brown balloons for a 3D flair). Simply affix them to whatever walls need a few trees.
  2. Tropical Trees
  3. Go 3D! These trees really make corners pop. Start by making a wooden stand. Then slide a pool noodle over the wooden pole. Wrap brown paper over the noodle (make sure to crumple it a bit for added texture). Then use a heavy gauge floral wire (or old umbrella wires!) with paper leaves draped over them to form leaves.
  4. Tropical Trees Tropical Trees
  5. Hang them from the ceiling. A fun way to liven up a space is to make use of the blank canvas that is your ceiling. Attach a few leaves, add some brown balloons for coconuts, and hang some streamers and you’ve got the perfect trees to form a canopy.
  6. Tropical Trees Tropical Trees
  7. Keep it simple. If you have a long hallway, especially one that isn’t one of your main thoroughfares, consider decorating with simple posters. This is cheap, easy, and effective.
  8. Tropical Trees

We’d love to see your decorating ideas! Share them with us, along with other churches, VBS directors, and other volunteers, on our Answers VBS Discussion Group.

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