The Kingdom Chronicles Treasure Hunt Day 4

by Stacia McKeever May 31, 2013

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Middle Ages Treasure Hunt

Day 4

Hail, knights-in-training! Today, let’s find items that have to do with the Middle Ages. You’ll need to go both inside and out to complete this, but stay away from the parking lot and the pond when outside. Once again, you may work alone or in a group. If working alone, find the same number of items as your age. For instance, if you are eleven years old, find any eleven items on the list. If you are eight, find eight. If you are working in a group, find at least twelve items.

You have until 6:15 pm to complete the hunt and bring your items and list to the prize counter. One prize per person. No prizes will be given out after 6:15 pm, so get ready, get set, go!

1. Did you know one castle had a wall that was 80 feet thick? Find a castle wall and make a rubbing of it on the back of your paper.

2. Horses were a knight’s best friend. Find a horse and draw it on this paper.

3. What room in a castle was called the privee? Go stand in there for ten seconds and write the name of the room on this line. ___________________________________________________

4. In the Middle Ages, people used a round, flat piece of bread as a plate. Find our version of a plate.

5. In honor of April Fool’s Day, which began during the Middle Ages, tell someone a joke.

6. Salt was very expensive, so only important people at a feast got to sit by the salt. Find some salt.

7. Only powerful nobles were allowed to wear purple silk. Find something purple.



9. These are some items that were invented during the Middle Ages: stirrups, windmills, cannons, and the printing press. The printing press made it easier for people to print and distribute Bibles. Find a Bible and then write where you found it on the line below.


10. Seven-year-old boys from royal families could leave home and begin working toward becoming a knight. Find a seven-year-old-boy and have him sign below.


11. Knights practiced acrobatics to keep their skills up. Can you do a somersault?

12. Go and tell the concession stand workers "Gramercy"! (which means "Thank you"!)

13. Try to juggle three wadded napkins.

14. Go find a town crier (a baby who is crying).

15. Try to say this tongue twister five times fast: Red banner, blue banner.

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