Children’s Hunger Fund: The Kingdom of God in Belarus

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Churches around the world are getting ready for Operation Arctic this summer! Thousands of these churches have helped provide over 3 million meals to families in need through Children’s Hunger Fund over the past few years. Each day of VBS, the video elements, prayer journals, and activities introduce a child in need of both physical and spiritual help. We want to share some of the ways that God is using CHF to reach people for Him, just like Nina in Belarus.

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Nina Study Group

Nina lives in the village of Garbuzy in Belarus. Sadly, Nina’s story is a painful one. In addition to being a widow, Nina’s daughter has cancer, and Nina’s own health is weak. As you can imagine, daily life is a struggle for her.

One day, Nina noticed that her neighbor, Sveta, was receiving food from her local church. Nina reached out to the church to ask if she could also receive food. Pastor Sergey set up a time to visit Nina, and arrived with five additional packages of food, not knowing how useful they would be . . .

When the pastor arrived, he discovered that in addition to Nina there were five more women who had gathered at her house, with the desire to hear about the gospel of Jesus. It was clear God had orchestrated everything.

These meetings continued to take place in Garbuzy as Pastor Sergey visited with food, and eventually, the group grew to nine individuals. I am happy to tell you that six women came to the Lord in repentance [in] one day. Pastor Sergey wrote, “Their repentance is God’s greatest blessing to our ministry, and it is the reason why we are serving the Lord.”

Please join us in praising God for His sovereign work in Belarus and all over the world.

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