IncrediWorld Treasure Hunt (Day 2)

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Looking for a way to keep your kids occupied before your VBS begins? Give them a copy of this treasure hunt and let them loose!

A MUST SEE Treasure Hunt

Day Two

Today is worldview day at IncrediWorld Amazement Park, which means we’ll be learning to view everything in the world through the lenses of the Bible. So today for our treasure hunt, we’re going to be viewing some theme park items. It will be a delight for your sights, so check out the directions that follow.

You may look inside or outside, but stay away from the pond and the parking lot.

You may work alone or in a group. If you are working alone, complete the number of items that corresponds with your age (find six if you are six, eight if you are eight, etc.). If you are working as a group, find at least twelve.

You have until 6:15 pm to complete the hunt and bring your items and list back to the prize table. One prize per person. No prizes will be given after 6:15 pm, so get ready to shake, rattle, and roll!

1. A balloon

2. A ticket

3. A pop can

4. Something with  red and white stripes

5. Something round, to remind you of a merry-go-round

6. Something wet, to remind you of a water ride

7. Something red, white, and blue, to remind you of fireworks at the end of the park day

8. A toy car, to  remind you of the car ride

9. A magnet, to remind you of the souvenir shop

10. A stuffed animal, to remind you of a midway game prize

11. A hat, to keep you from sunburn

12. Sunglasses, to remind you to view life through the right lenses

13. A diaper, to remind you of Kiddie Land

14. Hand sanitizer, to remind you of coming out of the petting zoo

15. Black tennis shoes, to remind you of a day of walking

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