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We know you're ready to have a royally fun time at The Kingdom Chronicles next summer! And we know you're ready to get started on the preparations as soon as possible! So here's a list of costume ideas, along with a list of the drama characters and their costumes, to get you started!

Drama Characters and Costumes

  • IDA: Frilly long-sleeve blouse with vest, long skirt, apron.
  • MORINDA: Dark medieval-style long dress with a long black, hooded cloak, tiara.
  • GWENDOLYN: Medieval-style long dress (long cloak for Day 1 optional).
  • DELIVERY MAN: Solid navy polo shirt, navy shorts, navy socks, navy ball cap, black boots or sneakers, wristwatch, clipboard.
  • EVIL MESSENGER 1: Long, black hooded cloak (fully shrouded).
  • EVIL MESSENGER 2: Medieval-style shirt, khaki knickers or dark sweatpants, leather shoes (optional).

General Costume Ideas


Wear black pants and shoes as a base. (Brown can also work.) Put together one of the following for the top.
  1. For a peasant look, wear a long-sleeved, puff y white shirt either alone or with a suede vest over it. Add a small leather pouch or a ring of large keys attached to a belt. Hint: Check out a thrift store to buy a puffy sleeved shirt that’s a couple sizes too big for you. Believe it or not, ones with lace work, too!
  2. Make a simple tunic with a strip of rectangular material that will go from your shoulders to your knees. (Old bedsheets, tablecloths, or oversized T-shirts with the arms and neck cut out can be used for this. Solid colored material is best.) Fold it in half and cut a hole for the head. Put it on and belt it with a leather belt or belts. Or crisscross belts to make a belted X across it. The puffy white shirt looks good under the tunic.
  3. For a knight look, wear a silver or gray long-sleeved T-shirt, silk pajamas, or silver material as a base. Make a tunic as suggested above out of gray material and add a red felt cross emblem hot-glued onto the front. To make a headpiece, buy silver material that has the look of chain mail. Sew into a round tube. Put the tube over your head and wear bunched around your neck. (Or use a gray or black hoodie or a gray ski mask with the face part cut out.)
  4. Another option for a shiny knight look is to buy bright silver sun refl ectors at the dollar store and cut them to make tunics and other accessories.
  5. For a king/prince look, buy or make a crown and a cape. Royal purple or red look particularly good. Old bedsheets or tablecloths can work for this. Once again, this can go over a base of black pants, black T-shirt, and black shoes.
  6. For a jester look, make or buy full, pajama-style pants that have elastic around the ankles and waist. Bright, crazy-patterned material is good. Couple these with a coordinating, bright-colored, solid T-shirt and jester hat. You can buy jester hats online or at costume shops, or look online to learn how to make one.


  1. For a peasant look, long, solid-colored skirts and plain white blouses work.  ese are easy to find at thrift stores. Top it with a vest or shawl.
  2. For a queen/princess look, some styles of old prom gowns can work as period costumes. Crushed velvet or satin are popular fabrics. Consider adding ribbon or gold rickrack to dress them up. Or make a wide fabric belt and crisscross gold ribbon on it. If the dress is too long, duct tape the hem at the desired length.
  3. Sandals, ballet flats, or black flats all work for shoes.
  4. Garland wreaths or tiaras work in the hair.
  5. Gold jewelry and large, fake gemstone rings and necklaces work for added fl air.


  1. Use ideas from above as possibilities, adjusting to kid sizes.
  2. For tunics, use old pillowcases with the sides slit and a hole cut out for the head.
  3. To make knight helmets, spray paint either fast food chicken buckets or empty milk jugs with a metallic spray paint. Cut them so the face of the child will mostly show, with the exception of a section that hangs down between their eyes, as the helmets of old were designed.
  4. To make crowns, check the craft guide on Day 1 for instructions.
  5. To make capes, use material or one side of an old adultsized T-shirt that is cut into a shape reminiscent of the shape of the side of a lamp shade, except longer. Put velcro up at the top for easy open and closure.
  6. Ask around to gather children’s princess and knight/armor of God costumes. Armor of God playsets (26-1-049) are also available for purchase from

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