Fun Times at IncrediWorld!

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The kids at our first test church are having the ride of their lives at IncrediWorld this week!

If you're familiar with the Answers VBS programs, then you know the lesson times are interactive, fun, and filled with Bible content that connects the Bible to the real world we live in.  IncrediWorld is no exception! Monday was Creation Day. They went "back to the beginning" and learned all about how God created our incredible world in six actual days. They were delighted to realize that God crafted this world for His glory and to provide a place for us to live and enjoy. And you know how our kids hear time and again that over millions of years, one kind of animal has changed into another kind? At IncrediWorld, they found out that God created all plants and animals "after their kind" and that those molecules-to-man evolutionary stories are simply not true! They heard that they can trust the Bible when it says, "In the beginning, God created . . ."!

They were thrilled with the crafts, snacks, and games that also reinforced the message that God created an incredible world in the very beginning!

And we know you love the daily dramas that make the kids laugh and teach them at the same time! We're filming this year's drama again just for you!

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