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Mission Moment: Get Children Excited About Missions

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God is working around the world through the same people he’s used throughout history—his people. Amazingly, we get to be part of what God is doing in our own homes, neighborhoods, and to the ends of the earth. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that or only focus on our individual needs and problems, not those of others. And this is true for children as well. That’s why we want to encourage children to develop a focus on others, giving them a big-picture view of the needs of our relatives around the world, through our Mission Moments at VBS.

We don’t just want to open their eyes to poverty—we want to frame it with the message of the gospel.

We partner with Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF), a gospel-based mercy ministry, to help open children’s eyes to the needs of other children around the world. Our Mission Moment videos help them realize that some children in the United States and around the world suffer from poverty and need physical help. But we go further than that. We don’t just want to open their eyes to poverty—we want to frame it with the message of the gospel.

Ultimately, what people need isn’t just food or clean water—it’s Jesus! They need to repent and believe in Jesus Christ and what he has done for them. Their ultimate need is spiritual! And one way to introduce people to Jesus is by meeting their physical needs. Meeting their basic needs gives them hope, shows them Christ’s love in a tangible way, and builds relationships, opening doors to share the gospel.

Children need to get excited about helping others but always against the backdrop of the gospel. You can use our Mission Moment and CHF partnership during the VBS week, and even throughout the year, to remind the children in your church about mercy ministry and the gospel.

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