Best VBS Hacks for Hanging Decorations

by Answers VBS July 23, 2018

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Facebook user Jennifer recently asked the Facebook community at Answers VBS Discussion Group for some favorite VBS hacks and included two of her own. She says:

What are your favorite VBS hacks? Like using paint sticks to stabilize cardboard decorations or asking volunteers what name they want on their name tags?

Her post garnered several helpful responses. Here are the best VBS hacks you submitted for ways to hang decorations on the walls:

[To attach decorations] we use painter’s tape on the walls and then stick double-sided sticky tape on top of that. It works great and protects our walls. It doesn’t work on cement brick walls though.
We use the Mavalus® tape, and most of the time it works really well. It is worth the cost!
We tried Mavalus® last year; it is more expensive, but we used way less of it as very little is needed to put up items. I think we bought a 15pk, we didn't use it all (for decorating whole church) and it's even smaller rolls. I was very selective in who I let use it and it was used only for putting items on walls. If we were putting an item on another item, we used packing or masking tape as to not use it up.
We used a lot of command strips (bought in bulk on Amazon) last year and that gets pricey too.

Do you have any great hack ideas you’d love to share with other VBS leaders? Join our Answers VBS Discussion Group to ask questions and share ideas. We’d love to connect with you there!

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