What Does the Tower of Babel Teach Us in 2019?

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Are you ready for The Incredible Race? That’s the theme of our 2019 Answers VBS. Kids will race around the world, solving challenges, as they discover the race that started in the Garden of Eden and what happened before, during, and after the Tower of Babel.

What on earth does the Tower of Babel have to do with us here in 2019? Well, an awful lot! One of the big social issues around the world is the race issue. We struggle to love others who are different from us and are frequently segregated along so-called “racial” lines. But the Bible’s history provides the answer to this issue!

In Genesis, we read that God created the first two people, Adam and Eve, on day six of creation week. Scripture also tells us that, after the flood, the whole human population was gathered together in one place and spoke one language (Genesis 11:4). This gathering together was against God’s clear command to spread out and fill the earth. So God confused their language, forcing them to spread out and fill the earth. This divided up the human population genetically and geographically and soon distinct people groups began to form.

The Tower of Babel explains our differences!

The Tower of Babel explains our differences! We’re all one race, one family, descended from Adam and Eve. But we look different from one another because of the events at the Tower of Babel.

This history is essential to know because it breaks down barriers and helps us love one another as one family. But, most importantly, it reminds us that we all descended from Adam and that means we all have the same problem—sin. And we all have the same solution, the Lord Jesus Christ who stepped into history as the God-man, our relative (Luke 3:38, Hebrews 2:14–17), and died on the cross for those from every nation, tribe, people, and language. We’re all one family in need of one Savior, the Lord Jesus.

The Incredible Race is incredibly evangelistic. It’s main thrust and focus is nothing short of the gospel; the message that we all need one Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to stir children’s hearts to, first, recognize their own need for Christ and, second, acknowledge that everyone else needs to hear about Christ, too! No matter who they are, where they come from, what language they speak, what cultural identity they hold—all people need Jesus because we’re ultimately all one family with the same problem, sin, and the same solution, Jesus Christ.

Learn more about why we chose this theme in this video by Answers in Genesis CEO, Ken Ham:

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