Readers Respond: Why Choose Answers VBS?

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On our Answers VBS Discussion Group on Facebook, a new member to the group asked other VBS leaders and volunteers this question:

What made you choose Answers over others?

Her post got some great answers! Many people remarked on how organized and easy the curriculum was to use. Others loved the sound, in-depth biblical teaching. Others commented on the cost-effective price or the unique science aspect.

So why should you choose Answers VBS? We’ll let just a few of those who use Answers VBS speak for themselves [content edited slightly for clarity, emphasis added]:

  • Can trust the curriculum to be full of biblical truth, and it is so well organized!
  • At first, I was looking for a different theme. We are a small church near several bigger churches that always do the mainstream [well-known VBS brand] theme, and I thought doing something different would help distinguish us. . . . I also knew that Answers had a good reputation with being biblically sound. So I purchased it, and I have been blown away by how amazing the curriculum is! It is so biblically sound, and it goes so much deeper in study than many of the VBS curriculums today. It is also amazingly kid-friendly and fun! (I speak as an elementary teacher who works with kids for a living.) My staff has been very pleased with it as well! I plan to use Answers VBS again.
  • We tried other companies over the years, but realized spending a week on simplistic points like, “God is alive,” “God listens,” etc. was a bit shallow . . . . The children learn so much more with AiG, because they teach apologetics, rather than the shallowness of the other companies. We are in with AiG for the long haul.
  • Gospel presentation focus built in more than one day and deeper, sound teaching. Also, the children love the science rotation.
  • Sound biblical teaching and live drama. The drama is what most of the kids get the most excited for. AiG is so organized too!
  • It’s a curriculum that actually teaches. It’s not fluff!
  • I love that the material goes deep. We used a different curriculum when I started directing VBS and it didn’t meet the needs of our small church. I actually started writing our own VBS for a few years because we couldn’t find what worked for us. I found AiG’s VBS, and we haven’t looked back. The focus on understanding the Bible and the apologetics emphasis are big deals for our church.
  • We love that this year’s theme [Time Lab] taught specifically about Jesus. We have seen so many curriculums teach kids that God thinks they are special (and that is true), but we wanted to know that if this is the ONLY church experience these kids get all year, they leave knowing who Jesus is and what He did for them!
  • It focused more on the Bible than the theme of the curriculum.
  • We liked the lessons, music, and the additional activities included. Another factor was the price; being a small church with attendance around 40, that was a factor. I like buying the super starter kit, not much needed after that.
  • Just watch the promo videos for Answers VBS vs. [another well-known VBS brand]. AiG mentions Jesus 5 times in the first minute, and [the other VBS brand] doesn’t mention God until almost a minute into the promo. I love Answers VBS. I feel it’s less expensive overall [and] I love the theology behind the lessons . . . . Also, kids love the science aspect to the curriculum.

If you’ve never tried Answers VBS, join thousands of other churches and make it your VBS this year. Our 2019 Answers VBS theme is The Incredible Race: One Family, One Race, One Savior. This unique VBS takes kids on a race around the world as they learn that no matter where we live, what shade of skin we have, or what language we speak, we are all part of the same family and all in need of the same Savior.

Kids will learn we’re all part of the human race, descended from Adam and Eve, and we all need Jesus, the Savior of the world. It’s a message our culture—especially our children—needs right now.

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