It’s Time for the Big Announcement! Our Theme for 2020 Answers VBS Is…

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We know you might still be in the process of planning your 2019 Answers VBS program—it’s probably coming up very shortly. But we are excited to reveal the theme for next year to you. We like to announce it early so you can reveal it to your VBS kids, and build their excitement to come back next year! Plus, it helps you to know what décor and supplies to save (look for an upcoming blog with tips on what you’ll need). Ready? Here’s the big announcement!

This exciting new VBS sees kids cracking the clues to track down the one true, beyond description God!

Next summer you’ll need to grab your sunscreen, a beach towel, and some flip flops because you’re headed for. . . Mystery Island! There, you’ll track down the one true God while spending a week in paradise.

This exciting newest installment from Answers VBS sees kids cracking the clues to track down the one true, beyond description God! Each day, they’ll discover more amazing attributes of God, leading them to a deeper trust in who he is as they look to the only source of truth, God’s Word. They’ll discover:

  • God is great,
  • God is almighty,
  • God is ruler,
  • God is with us,
  • and God is trustworthy.
2020 Answers Vacation Bible School: Mystery Island

Download the 2020 Answers VBS: Mystery Island logo today!

Our VBS program is unique. It’s full of meaty teaching that connects the Bible with the real world. It helps children build a biblical worldview and defend their faith. There’s nothing else quite as complete out there.

Thousands of churches, both large and small, use our Answers VBS and love it—and we know you will too! Combine that with fun games, tasty snacks, exciting science experiments, and cute craft ideas, and you will have a winning combination!

We also offer amazing songs (both versions, contemporary and traditional, in partnership with Majesty Music), a gripping mission moment with Children’s Hunger Fund, and fantastic memory verse music (in partnership with Seeds Family Worship and Majesty Music) that helps establish God’s Word in the hearts of your kids.

So, get out the sunscreen and get ready to experience paradise in 2020, as you track down the one true God with Mystery Island. Preorder your Super Starter Kit today by visiting

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