The Kingdom Chronicles Treasure Hunt Day 1

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Here's a fun way to give your kids something to do while they're waiting for VBS to start!

Dark and Light Treasure Hunt

Day 1

Hail, young knights and fair maidens! Today at VBS, we’ll be talking about two kingdoms – the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light. Our treasure hunt, then, has to do with finding items that are either dark or light. You may look for the treasures either inside or out, but stay away from the parking lot and the pond. You may work alone or in a group. If you are working alone, find the same number of items as your age. For instance, if you are ten years old, find any ten items on the list. If you are five, find any five items. If you are working in a group, find at least twelve items.

You have until 6:15 pm to complete the hunt and bring your items and list to the prize counter. One prize per person. No prizes will be given out after 6:15 pm, so get ready, get set, go!

1. Dark candy wrapper

2. Light candy wrapper

3. Dark piece of paper

4. Light piece of paper

5. Dark bug

6. Light bug

7. Dark crayon

8. Light crayon

9. Dark sock

10. Light sock

11. Dark hair

12. Light hair

13. Dark drink

14. Light drink

15. Dark dessert

16. Light dessert

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