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by Answers VBS April 15, 2016

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VBS is a great time of teaching for kids in the neighborhood and within your church. Using Answers VBS, kids discover that the Bible is real history, that it is the inspired Word of God, and that it shows them how they can have a relationship with their Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. But what about when the week is over?

Is your children’s ministry spiritually feeding kids with Scripture, or are they getting the common “Sunday school fluff”? is a three-year curriculum that teaches the authority and relevance of the Bible chronologically from Genesis through Revelation. Through dynamic lessons, memory verses, and apologetics, children and adults will discover the Bible in a way that they never have before. Lessons are synchronized, preschool through adult, so all students will come to a better understanding of the Bible and how to defend it.

ABC is also easily adapted for homeschool purposes or other uses. See how ABC writers suggest using this curriculum for homeschool Bible lessons or otherwise.

Hear what people are saying about ABC:

If you want to change your city, start with reaching this next generation. And the best way to do that is to start using the Answers in Genesis curriculum for your church and school. I can’t recommend it enough!

–Mike McClure, Senior Pastor
Calvary Chapel of San Jose, California

Chronological teaching just makes sense to me. It brings both children and adults to a better understanding of the Bible.

–Jeff Myers
First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Georgia

The Answers Bible Curriculum is THE most thorough biblical teaching materials we have found! We are so BLESSED to be able to use it in our church! I wish everyone would use your materials! Thank you, AiG!!!!


Answers VBS and Answers Bible Curriculum make a great combination. Answers Bible Curriculum not only complements what your kids learn in Ocean Commotion VBS, but also teaches how all of Scripture fits together in God’s plan. Learn more about this incredible resource and how you could use it in your church or homeschool to teach kids the truth of God’s Word.

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