3 Tips for Early VBS Planning

by Answers VBS December 18, 2019

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The chilly weather, festive lights, yummy winter treats, and, well, the fact that it’s December, probably has you thinking about Christmas, not VBS season! But time goes by fast, and the more you can accomplish early, the easier the last few weeks before VBS will be. Here are our top three tips for planning your VBS ahead of time:

  1. Read the director guide early. This guide tells you everything you need to know for your week of VBS. Reading it right away, before you do anything else, allows you to have the flow of the week, the theme, the teaching, and more in mind. Just one example of how this is helpful: you can keep your eye out for sales and items you will need (be sure you keep a list of what you have purchased so that you won’t buy the same thing twice!).

  2. Order early. Once you receive your catalog or Super Starter Kit, or both, decide which extra items such as scene setters and gifts and prizes for the children, you would like to order. These items may sell quickly. Order in advance to avoid disappointment. Having everything from us allows you to better plan for what you will still need, particularly regard the items you want to give to the kids.

  3. Recruit volunteers early. Families often make their summer plans at the beginning of the year. Announce and remind people of dates early and start recruiting for volunteers early. Some individuals may not be able to come for the week of VBS, due to work, vacations, or other commitments, but they still want to help. Recruiting ahead of time allows these individuals to help with designing decorations, getting craft supplies ready, or other tasks that can be accomplished in advance.

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