Decorating for Mystery Island: 4 Creative Ways to Use Pool Noodles

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Pool noodles are a ubiquitous pool and beach item—and, best of all, they’re cheap! As you are gearing up to turn your church into a tropical island paradise, here are four ways the humble pool noodle can help.

  1. Turn it into an octopus arm. Rather than create a whole octopus, just have a few arms curling out from behind a rock formation. Create the arms using paper, perhaps with a wire inside for stability and ease of sculpting. Then slice a pool noodle of whichever color you prefer and attach the slices to form the tentacles. Pool Noodle Decorations
  2. Create a raft. A collection of pool noodles held together with twine or a fun, colored string, creates a getaway raft. This can be used to hid unsightly pieces of furniture that clash with the theme. Bonus tip: glue the noodles together for added stability. Pool Noodle Decorations
  3. Use them to make trees. Palm trees can be made by building a wooden frame, then sliding a pool noodle over it. Brown paper is easily attached to the pool noodle and some paper leaves draped over floral wire completes the look. Pool Noodle Decorations
  4. Decorate a surf shop. Consider making your check-in or help desk a surf shop. Along with flip flops, life jackets, and sunscreen, add some pool noodles for “sale.” Pool Noodle Decorations

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