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by Answers VBS June 23, 2021

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Earlier this month we made the exciting announcement that Zoomerang: Returning to the Value of Life was the theme for our 2022 Answers VBS. VBS directors are already excited about this Australian-themed, pro-life VBS that’s packed with apologetics and meaty teaching. And it all points kids to the value of all life—from preborn babies to the oldest person and eternal life with Christ.

Well, we’ve got another announcement about Zoomerang.

Now, we’ve actually made it even easier to use Answers VBS.

One of the features VBS directors appreciate about Answers VBS is ease of use. We consistently hear that the guides are well-organized, well-thought out, and just plain easy to use. Now, we’ve actually made it even easier to use Answers VBS.

In past years, we’ve had two different versions of our Super Starter Kits: traditional, featuring traditional-style VBS music and KJV Scripture memory verse songs produced by Majesty Music, and contemporary, featuring contemporary-style music with The Lads and ESV Scripture memory verse songs produced by Seeds Family Worship. Well, we’ve bundled both together, so the Super Starter kit now includes both traditional and contemporary music. This combination allows the director to choose which songs work best for your group from both styles of music. We’re also sending all the music components (hand motions videos, song lyric videos, MP3s, song lyrics, and presentation images) on one Music USB instead of several separate DVDs and CDs in a variety of different cases. This method makes it easier for the music leader to upload any component to the presentation software and play the music. (Additional Music USBs will be available for purchase should you need more than one.)

Additionally, we are putting all the materials that were formerly on the Resource DVD-ROM on one Resource USB. This includes all the teacher patterns, presentation images, supply lists, clip art, logo files, and more. We are also including the promo videos on the Resource USB instead of on a separate DVD. We have moved in this direction because we recognize that most computers no longer have disc drives and that all are able to use a USB drive. A link to download the resources will also be included in the front of each leader guide that needs it. (Additional Resource USBs will be available for purchase should you need more than one.)

The Super Starter Kit still contains the memory verse posters for each age group with ESV on one side and KJV on the other, as in the past.

While we will still offer student CDs of the music available for purchase separately from the kits, we will also offer a licensing option for those who want to purchase MP3s or MP4s and distribute them to the kids.

We hope these changes make it even easier for you to plan your next VBS program. If you haven’t preordered Zoomerang yet, do so today. For a limited time, you’ll receive nine free Digital Leader Guides, plus artwork and more resources (available to download in October)! That’s over a $113 value FREE!

Plus, when you order any kit with Digital Pro, get instant access to contemporary and traditional music in your account downloads.

Preorder today at AnswersVBS.com.

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