IncrediWorld Treasure Hunt (Day 5)

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Looking for a way to keep your kids occupied before your VBS begins? Give them a copy of this treasure hunt and let them loose!

Dino MITE Treasure Hunt

Day Five

Welcome back, park-goers. On your last day’s treasure hunt, it’s everything dino! So get ready to hear some dino fun facts and look for fun items to go with them.

Once again, stay away from the pond and the parking lot. You may work alone or in a group. If you are working alone, complete the number of items that corresponds with your age (find seven if you are seven, twelve if you are twelve, etc.). If you are working as a group, find at least twelve.

You have until 6:15 pm to complete the hunt and bring your items and list back to the prize table. One prize per person. No prizes will be given after 6:15 pm, so get ready to go, go go! You may begin!

1. In the not-so-distant past, dinosaurs lived all over the world, including the Arctic and Antarctica, where dino fossils have been found. Find a piece of ICE to remind you of these places that are covered in ice today!

2. Triceratops weighed roughly the size of a truck (6 tons). Find a TRUCK and WRITE DOWN THE LICENSE PLATE NUMBER. (But be careful not to go in the parking lot without an adult!)

3. The kentrosaurus was called the spiked lizard because he had triangle-shaped plates running from his neck to about midway down his back. Find something in the shape of a TRIANGLE to remind you of this dinosaur.

4. All dinosaurs ate plants in the beginning when God created them. Find a PLANT. (But don’t pull one out of the ground!)

5. Dinosaurs used their tails for various things, such as to keep themselves balanced and to defend themselves. Find a stuffed animal or something else with a TAIL.

6. A T. rex tooth was 6 inches long! Find something that is about 6 INCHES LONG.

7. Some dinosaurs made nests in which to lay their eggs. These nests could be 6-7 feet across! Find something that has to do with an EGG to remind us of dinosaur eggs.

8. The leviathan, mentioned in the Bible in Job 41, is thought to be a dinosaur-like animal that lived in water. Find a GLASS OF WATER.

9. Some dinosaur footprints are longer than a yardstick! Find a YARDSTICK or THREE RULERS.

10. Fossils of sauropod dinosaurs, some of the largest dinosaurs, have been found in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. Find a US MAP and point to one of those states.

11. The stegosaurus was roughly the size of an elephant. Find a picture of an ELEPHANT or a toy elephant.

12. No one really knows for sure what color dinosaurs were. Some believe they were mostly green and brown, like many lizards. Others believe they may have been bright-colored. Find something GREEN AND BROWN to remind you of possible colors of a dinosaur.

13. The average size of a dinosaur was that of a sheep. Find a COTTON BALL to remind you of sheep fleece.

14. Pterodactyls were actually not dinosaurs, but flying reptiles. True dinosaurs are land animals. Find something that FLIES.

15. The smallest dinosaur was about the size of a chicken (but dinosaurs aren't birds!). In the space below, draw a CHICKEN.

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