“I don’t know how we will make it, but I am trusting in God.”

by Answers VBS July 17, 2019

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Have you ever had a time in your life where, for whatever reason, you didn’t know how you were going to make it (financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually), but you trusted in God because you know he is trustworthy? For many families, that situation is a financial one. They don’t even know where their children’s next meals are going to come from. God can use people like you and me to meet this basic need while showing them Christ’s love!

God can use people like you and me to meet this basic need while showing them Christ’s love!

Debra Andrews was struggling with how she and her family will make it, especially now that school is out for the summer, and the meals her son received at school are no longer available. People from a local church partnered with Children's Hunger Fund (CHF) to help relieve some of that burden by delivering weekly Food Paks to her while sharing the hope of the gospel.

CHF is a wonderful ministry we at Answers VBS partner with through our VBS Mission Moment. CHF not only meets the physical needs of families and children here in US, and around the world, but, through partnerships with pastors and local churches, also provides gospel hope.

Here's Debra's story:

Dedra Andrews, a single mother living in San Antonio, Texas, relies on school meal programs to feed her very active son. Gabriel is only eleven, but at 5’ 9” he looks much older. “Because Gabriel is a growing boy, he is always hungry,” Dedra shared. “If it wasn’t for the meal program that is provided at school, he would go hungry and most likely not do well in his classes.”


Accommodations in their two-bedroom apartment have recently become even more crowded with the addition of Dedra’s sister and 8-year-old nephew, who have come to live with the Andrews family after losing their own home.

Dedra’s family receives weekly Food Pak deliveries, which help to supplement and stretch her tight budget, but she knows this summer will prove to be an even greater challenge. “With everyone at home, it goes without saying that more meals will be needed to feed my family,” Dedra shared. “I don’t know how we will make it, but I am trusting in God.”

Dedra is thankful to the local church who delivers the Food Paks and for you, who make those deliveries possible. Your generosity makes it possible for this family – and so many like them – to experience hope this summer.

You can be part of giving hope to families this summer through CHF’s Summer of Hope program. They are looking to provide 1 million meals—at $0.25 a meal—to hungry children right here in the US. Please join with us in helping raise the $250,000 needed to provide those meals at childrenshungerfund.org/answers-vbs.

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