Tips for Promoting Your VBS in Your Community

by Answers VBS March 16, 2022

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How do you spread the word in your community about your VBS? An Answers VBS user named Julianne asked our Answers VBS Discussion Group this question, and there were some great responses! We thought we’d share some of those responses with you.

We are in a very small, rural community. We did a mailout and plastered it all over Facebook! – Jamie M.
Door-to-door, handing out flyers (we also are part of a small community). – Wendy Jo B.
We put flyers out to a couple thousand homes. Sent flyers out with a couple thousand elementary school students. Had 125 kids come to VBS. – Cindy M.
Yard signs and Social Media. – Lora P.
Tons of flyers, email communications to church family, visitors, our School family. Also a Facebook event that I paid to boost - like an ad. Targeted it to the zip codes closest to the church. – Jennifer F.
We use door hangers, posters in local businesses, church signs, and verbiage and registration on the church website. All good but the most effective . . . Still a personal ask. – David S.
We made postcards for families that go to our church to take home so they can personally invite others, made door hangers and went door to door in a few neighborhoods, paid for FB ads, and also did yard signs. We had about 20 families come from Facebook. We also had a few families come from the other efforts mentioned above. Altogether we had about 50 kids come outside of our regularly attending families. – Jason-Rebecca S.
People are more likely to come from a personal invite than any other method, so get the congregation involved.

There are so many ways to get the word out, particularly with social media, but don’t underestimate the power of a personal invitation. Encourage children to invite friends and parents or grandparents to invite people they know from work or their neighborhood to bring their children (or offer to bring them with your children). People are more likely to come from a personal invite than any other method, so get the congregation involved.

To make this easier, we also offer themed outdoor banners, save the date postcards, bulletin inserts, posters, flyers, door hangers, and business cards that you can use to invite people to attend your VBS.

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