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A powerful online VBS tool designed with you in mind.


Meet your new digital assistant for all things VBS. Easily direct and promote your VBS at church, home or on the road! Introducing VBS Digital on MyAnswers.com.

MyAnswers.com is an exciting resource that makes your job as an Answers VBS director as smooth as possible. Using MyAnswers.com, you’ll find help with event promotion, scheduling, and registration (our most popular feature). These tools are free when you order a Super Starter Kit (contemporary or traditional) or a Starter Kit:

  • Promotion tools to post on your church website and social media platforms
  • Your own personalized event web page with video trailer, church location, and more
  • Event planning checklists
  • Viewable and printable rotation, team, and room schedules
  • Name tag printing
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Upgrade Your Kit to Digital!

Want all your guides, songs, and more right at your fingertips and on any device? Looking for digital tools that allow you to do even more with your VBS? Our VBS team listened and packed everything digital into one easy upgrade. When you upgrade your kit to digital, you’ll enjoy: Digital Library (valued at over $400), featuring:

  • All music (contemporary and traditional)
  • All six Leader Guides
  • All four Teacher Guides
  • Special Needs Teacher Guide Supplement
  • Teen & Adult Teacher Guide
  • Promotional and recruitment videos
  • Over 50 posters (teaching, decoration, promotional)
  • Drama videos, clip art graphics, sheet music, signs, and so much more
MyAnswers.com Digital Library Mockup

Digital Tools PLUS (on MyAnswers.com) includes all the free tools plus the ability to:

  • Track attendance
  • Customize registration confirmation emails
  • Download student and volunteer data
  • Customize registration forms
  • Invite others to help run your VBS

All of these exciting tools are available when you purchase our new Super Starter Kit + Digital (either in contemporary or traditional) or Starter Kit + Digital. If you’ve already ordered your Super Starter Kit or Starter Kit without Digital, don’t worry, you can easily upgrade your kit at MyAnswers.com.

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