Reaching Children in Rural Areas with the Gospel

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Here at Answers in Genesis, we strive to resourcefully equip believers to defend their faith and deliver the Gospel. Through our VBS program, churches across the country and the world are teaching children the truth of God’s Word and the message of Jesus Christ revealed in it. We have heard of many ways God is using this for the benefit of His Kingdom, and it blesses us when we hear what is being done in so many different places.

Village Missions has started a program called Reach 19, and is partnering with Answers VBS to provide Vacation Bible School programs for rural communities. 19% of the kids in the United States are living in rural small towns, which is estimated to be 14 million children.

At Reach 19, we are committed to reaching the 19% of children who are so often overlooked by society. We do this by providing rural churches with the necessary resources (including small town pastors) so that they can effectively meet the needs of the children.

As a project of Village Missions, Reach 19 is also committed to reaching rural kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Each of the local congregations we reach are already equipped with our own small town pastor, who is dedicated to mentoring and discipling kids. In fact, many of our small towns pastors (Village Missionaries) are teachers and coaches who invest in the lives of the children every day!

Statistics show that more than 85-90% of those who receive Christ will do so by the age of 19. That’s why we are committed to reaching children with the Gospel while they are still young. However, many of these country churches do not have the financial ability to effectively reach these kids through programs.

This is where Reach 19 steps in providing VBS kits, Sunday school material, Bibles, and more! Village Missions shared this video to show how communities were impacted through the program as they utilized the Answers VBS, Camp Kilimanjaro.

We look forward to continuing this partnership to spread God’s love to these kids and lead them to the a place where they can accept the gift of salvation offered to them through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. If you would like to assist Reach 19 and Village Missions in their work, consider donating. You can sponsor a child attending VBS for $19 or sponsor an entire church for $190.

If you wish to encourage others with how VBS is making an eternal impact in your community, please share it here.

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