Is VBS Just for Kids?

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A Vacation Bible School is a wonderful way of reaching children with the message of the gospel and the truth of God’s Word. But it can also be an opportunity to take it a step further and reach their parents with solid Bible teaching and times of discussion. When Facebook user Katie asked the community at Answers VBS Discussion Group about adult VBS, several people responded to say their churches do an outreach to parents (content edited slightly for clarity).

We do adult VBS lessons on Sunday evenings for five weeks leading up to VBS. Each night we also show them the video that correlates. They seem to enjoy it.

We have been doing it for a few years. We use the video [included with Answers VBS Teen/Adult Leader Guide], then have discussion time. It has been helpful for a few of the parents who like to stay at the church in case their younger kids need them.

We have always done a class for adults in VBS. It is a mixture of church members and parents who want to stay. Over the years our adult class has definitely increased. We do door-to-door canvassing for several weeks before VBS to be sure people know we do VBS for all ages. It is very well received. Our pastor (my husband) adjusts the lessons for the adults that way parents and kids can really discuss the lessons together at home. Some years though we do bring in an evangelist for the adults to give them something new.

We promote it as a family event. Parents are required to escort their children to each station except the lessons. The parents split and go to their own lesson with our pastor in the sanctuary, and the children go to their lesson in the classroom. We split them up because they were just standing at the back of the classroom chatting. Now they have something to attend that is on their level.

If your church doesn’t offer anything for parents, an adult VBS time might be a great way to help families learn about the Bible and engage with your church. You might form some relationships with parents that will last past the week of VBS!

We even have materials to help you teach teens and adults. Each Teen/Adult Leader Guide includes five teaching videos from Answers in Genesis speakers that are sure to spark discussions. The Teen/Adult Leader Guide features a lesson that lines up with the teaching found in the children’s materials, a video segment, and discussion questions for each video. Each teacher guide also includes a devotional that could be used in a teen/adult class setting. And additional articles on topics discussed during the VBS are available on our website as handouts.

If you’re a VBS leader or volunteer, be sure to join our Answers VBS Discussion Group to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss the upcoming Answers VBS. We’d love to connect with you there!

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