Top Ocean Commotion Items to SAVE for Operation Arctic

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After all of the work and preparation for Ocean Commotion, VBS week has come and gone. While you are tearing down everything, perhaps you are giving posters away to the kids, sharing resources with other churches, or maybe taking a lot to the dumpster. However, there may be some items that you won’t want to get rid of since they could be a big help next year for Operation Arctic, the Answers VBS program for 2017. We have compiled a list of the items for you to think about holding onto for VBS next year.

Drama Stage Set

If you made the wooden stage set mentioned in our past blog, you will want to keep this for future years. When you are storing your stage set, unscrew all of the bolts and store them in a bag with the wooden pieces. This will ensure that you won’t be missing any parts when it comes time to set up for Operation Arctic. Save any foam board or cardboard pieces you used to mount the scene setters. The scene setter panels will be the same size for Operation Arctic that they were for Ocean Commotion.

Blue Backgrounds

Ocean Commotion VBS and Operation Arctic VBS share a similar blue color that could help you with decorations next year. Though the Operation Arctic blue is a lighter shade, saving the extra blue paper and markers would go a long way in preparing to decorate your sanctuary and hallways next year.

Whale Decorations

While Hydro the whale was one of the main animal pals for Ocean Commotion, he would fit right in with Dash the husky and the rest of the Arctic animals for next year. If your artists made other whale drawings, or any other animals that would make their home in the Arctic, hold onto them to cut preparation time next year!

Sub Scene Setter

We’ll be exploring the Arctic region next summer—both above ground and below the sea. Save the yellow submarine from the Ocean Commotion scene setters so you can go exploring again next summer!

Extra Ocean Commotion Shirts

While this item won’t directly be used in your Operation Arctic program, some churches have had quite a bit of success with it. We have seen a few churches that have offered VBS shirts from past years at a discounted price to help offset costs. Kids love seeing past VBS shirts available to help them remember the life lessons and fun of past VBS weeks.

Think about some of the other items that were a big help to you this year at VBS. Is there a big or small item that helped you or one of your stations out in a big way? If you have a good place to store these helpful items, keep them until you begin preparations for the kids to “warm up to the Word as they explore the coolest Book on the planet!”

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