IncrediWorld Treasure Hunt (Day 4)

by Stacia McKeever May 2, 2012

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Looking for a way to keep your kids occupied before your VBS begins? Give them a copy of this treasure hunt and let them loose!

Critters and Creatures Treasure Hunt

Day Four

Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my! It’s an animal treasure hunt! That means that all the items on today’s hunt have something to do with the incredible critters and creatures God created.

You may look inside or outside for the items listed, but stay away from the pond and the parking lot. If you are working alone, complete the number of items that corresponds with your age (four if you are four, eleven if you are eleven, etc.) If you are working as a group, find at least twelve items.

You have until 6:15 pm to complete the hunt and bring your items and list back to the prize table. One prize per person. No prizes will be given after 6:15 pm, so take the plunge and begin!

1. Did you know squirrels end up planting millions of trees because they bury their acorns and forget where they are? Find a tree, put this paper against the bark, and make a rubbing!

2. Did you know that, if a cow listens to classical music there will be more milk in the bucket? Find someone to hum you a line of classical music and write his/her name on the line below.


3. Did you know that hens lay over 200 eggs a year on average? Find something that has an egg in it.

4. Did you know some animals, such as pigs and light-colored horses, are prone to sunburn? Find a bottle of sunscreen.

5. Did you know that if you put a porcupine in water, it will float? Get a cup of water and find something that will float in it.

6. Did you know animals like dogs and cats can be either right-pawed or left-pawed? Find two left-handed people and have them sign on the lines.

______________________             _____________________

7. Did you know that a child who is 4 feet tall can fit inside the open mouth of a hippo?  Find a child who is approximately 4 feet tall and have him/her sign below.


8. Did you know that for every person alive, there are about 200 million insects? Find a bug.

9. Did you know that most elephants weigh less than the tongue of the blue whale? Find two people to stick out their tongues at you and have them sign on the line below.

______________________                 _____________________

10. Did you know a female oyster can have over 100 million baby oysters during her lifetime? Find an item that a baby might use, like a sippy cup or baby doll.

11. Did you know that not only is a tiger’s fur striped, but its skin is striped, too? Find something that is striped.

12. Did you know there’s a monkey so small, the finger monkey, that it can actually hold on to your finger? Find a ring that someone has on his/her finger.

13. Did you know a lion can’t roar until it’s at least two years old? Find a two year old and write his/her name on the line below.


14. Did you know that flamingos in zoos sometimes lose their bright pink color? If they are given the right food, though, they will turn pink again. Find something that is bright pink.

15. Did you know an elephant’s tooth can weigh up to 12 pounds? Find a piece of gum and chew it with your teeth!

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