How to Involve Working Adults and Others Who Can’t Attend VBS Week

by Answers VBS February 5, 2020

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There might be many people in your church who would love to help with VBS, but who aren’t available during the week of VBS due to having full-time jobs, young children at home, or other commitments. That’s why, when recruiting for volunteers, you’ll want to make it clear that there are lots of things people can help with that don’t involve serving each day of VBS week!

Here are just some ways people can volunteer outside of VBS week (and one bonus idea to encourage people to volunteer):

  • Creating decorations. If you want 100 fish to decorate an ocean-themed window, ask someone to volunteer and give them the supplies to do it at home and bring them back the following Sunday. Their older children may even be able to help with some of these decorations.
  • Making craft bags or doing craft pre-prep. For some crafts, you may want the supplies pre-prepared (especially for younger grades) and divided into individual baggies. Send supplies home with someone and ask them to prep the craft bags. Or do it all in one afternoon at the church as a social event with a purpose.
  • Providing snacks for adult leaders and volunteers. People get hungry while serving at VBS. Ask individuals who want to volunteer but can’t during the week of VBS to bring snacks for the adult leaders during VBS week.
  • Praying! Don’t underestimate the power of prayer and individuals dedicated to praying, by name, if possible, for the children attending the VBS.
  • Bonus tip: provide childcare. (which, of course, requires people to volunteer to do the nursery, but it may be worth it). Many stay-at-home moms would like to volunteer, but it’s challenging to find a babysitter, especially for five days in a row!

As you recruit for this important week, be praying that God will stir people’s hearts to volunteer. Often, when someone has volunteered once, they’re excited to come back the following year because VBS is very fun and rewarding.

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