The Role of Music for VBS

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VBS music can leave a lasting impression on children. Even months after VBS has finished, many of them will still remember the words to the songs. VBS music should also be fun for the kids, but also provide a message that they can take to heart and remember. However, even when you find the right VBS, how do you find the right music?

Answers VBS has everything you need to get kids singing every day!


With biblically themed lyrics set to fun, memorable tunes, your kids will love the Top of the World Tunes contemporary music set! These new original songs reinforce each day’s themes, encouraging kids to Look in the Book, discover how the Bible is God’s Love Letter to us, and to Learn it, Love it, Live it every day. The myriad presentation options allow you to show lyric or hand motion videos (including instructional videos for motions), use audio CDs or let the kids take them home, or play the sheet music and chord sheets yourself!


Majesty Music, featuring Patch the Pirate, brings traditional music to Operation Arctic VBS. Focusing on the Bible lessons, kids will sing songs such as Standing on the Promises and The Wise Man Built His House as they Stay the Course for Jesus Christ. Like the contemporary, you can fully customize the best way to teach the songs to the kids.

Memory Verse

Did you know that the daily memory verses are available in contemporary or traditional music formats too? You can help children discover a love for Scripture as they sing the Bible Gem memory verse songs. The Jumpstart3 Contemporary CD features the NKJV version of the verses, while Majesty Music’s Traditional CD has the KJV version. In addition to the verses, special bonus tracks help them memorize the Books of the Bible on both contemporary and traditional versions.

Simple Songs for Kids

This year, you can get the toddlers and preschoolers singing along with our new Simple Songs for Kids CD. These songs are found on the Resource DVD-ROM included with each teacher guide, but this year we are also making them available on a separate CD so that your teachers can easily play them in the classroom and your kids can take home their own CD! You can teach classic songs like Jesus Loves Me, B-I-B-L-E, and This Little Light of Mine along with new lyrics to popular songs like Book of Books (to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes), and Mary and Martha (to the tune of This is the Way/Round the Mulberry Bush). With eight songs in all, the preschoolers will be asking for these songs in Sunday school throughout the whole year.

Check out sample clips at to find out which version is the best fit for your church or center, or mix and match songs to build an incredible week of Operation Arctic!

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