Music—It’s Not Just Singing!

by Answers VBS May 8, 2019

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Children learn in a variety of ways—auditory, visual, verbal, kinesthetic, and tactile—and that’s why it’s important to present the same truth in a wide variety of ways. We want all kids to hear and remember what we’re teaching through Answers VBS. And one great way to impart truth is through music.

We work hard to make our VBS music catchy, fun, and most of all, full of truth. This helps the facts of God’s Word stick for years to come. In addition to being a great way of getting across the major VBS themes, music is a wonderful way to help children memorize their Scripture verses. With that in mind, we’ve also put all six memory verses to song.

Here are three of the music videos for our 2019 Answers VBS, The Incredible Race:

You can hear samples of all the other songs, including the memory verse songs, on our website. We have both contemporary and traditional music to suit your own church’s style.

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