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For the past several years, Answers VBS has partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund for our Mission Moment. Thousands of kids in VBS programs spend the week collecting change to send Food Paks to needy children all over the world. Children’s Hunger Fund works with local pastors not only to deliver resources to these people, but also to take the life-changing message of the gospel to them. Through the efforts of these children, Answers VBS has provided millions of meals and brought the message of salvation to children and families all over the world.

While CHF frequently works with people in third world nations, they are currently seeking to provide help much closer than normal: those affected by Hurricane Harvey. And you have the opportunity to help. Encourage your kids to bring in quarters for CHF to help provide meals for people in the areas affected by the hurricane. Also see the article by Ken Ham below to see how you can help people in the United States who need food and the gospel.

Help Minister to Those Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

AiG is working with a long-time ministry partner, Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF), to help provide needed relief to our family (all people are our family) in the hurricane-ravaged areas of the south, particularly Houston. And we need your help!

I’m sure you’ve seen the shocking photos on TV and social media of the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Harvey, a category four hurricane that slammed into Texas and southwestern Louisiana beginning on August 25. It’s reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, although the current prediction is that, once officials are able to fully assess the damage, Harvey will have been even worse. Although Texas has been hit hard already, the devastation isn’t over yet as more rainfall is expected and the controlled release of water from swollen reservoirs adds to the flooding. Other states, like Louisiana, sadly, are also being impacted.

Hundreds of thousands of people are without electricity, over 20 people have been confirmed dead, 450,000 Texans are expected to apply for federal assistance, and thousands of stranded survivors are being rescued and cared for in emergency shelters. This is an opportunity for the church to show compassion and love to those who are suffering, as well as to offer them the hope found in Jesus Christ. After all, we are all descendants of Adam and are of “one blood” (Acts 17:26). Our sin in Adam resulted in this groaning, fallen world (Romans 8). And all of us need to do what we can to help our needy family.

Answers in Genesis is partnering with Children’s Hunger Fund to provide meals and assistance to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We’ve worked with Children’s Hunger Fund for several years, including through our Vacation Bible School “Missions Moment” that has provided millions of meals to those in need. CHF is dedicated to not only meeting physical needs, but also sharing the good news of the hope we can have in Christ. I am thrilled to partner with a ministry that upholds a biblical worldview and the gospel and stands with the ministry of AiG, while offering very practical help to those in need.

CHF needs $210,000 to cover the cost of getting the assistance to where it is needed.

CHF needs $210,000 to cover the cost of getting the assistance to where it is needed. This funding will provide for the cost of sending a minimum of 50 freight trucks loaded with water, food packs, children’s clothing, and other supplies (that they have and are collecting in their warehouse) to the Houston area (and other areas as needed) now and in the coming months.

We assured CHF that we will do our best to raise this amount for them. AiG, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter will give toward this fund, and we are asking you, our ministry partner, also to give what you can. Every penny you give toward this fund through Answers in Genesis will go to CHF to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey—and of course all donations are tax deductible. Please designate your donation as “Hurricane Harvey Relief.”

Please join us in praying and giving generously to CHF so they can provide food and other assistance during this time of crisis in our nation.

You can give through the donate page on our website. Please specify in the comments section that your donation is for “Hurricane Harvey relief.”

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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