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Our friends at Children’s Hunger Fund have now opened their interactive experience Poverty Encounter in Sylmar, California. This immersive experience will open your eyes to world poverty like never before and ignite a desire in your heart to do something about it, in the name of Christ.

CHF shared with us this special behind-the-scenes video of the making of Poverty Encounter:

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Sharing Christ’s Love in the Philippines

CHF works in partnership with churches around the world through their Mercy Network. This allows them to deliver hope to those in need in the name of Jesus. One of their many outreaches is on the fourth largest island of the Philippines, Negros Occidental. CHF Mercy Network church workers reach into those communities (known as Barangays) with the message of Christ. Here’s just a glimpse of what God’s people are doing in the slum-like areas where many children and families live without hope:

A church worker named Faith makes frequent visits into the Barangays. She has been visiting a woman named Arlene and her family for six months. Arlene and her husband have eight children and have lived under a bridge outside of town for almost a decade. Although they live under a bridge, they are not homeless. Land is free underneath bridges and roadways, so many people make their homes in these places. Arlene and her husband work by digging up sand and bagging it for sale to be used in construction. Arlene’s husband has been out of work due to an injury with his arm. A great strain has been placed on Arlene to care for the family and bring home an income. She is grateful for the visits from Faith. They encourage her and bring hope.

Faith spends each Saturday in the Barangay gathering children together to hear a Bible story. She shares about Jesus and how He loves them. The children are given food and fed with love and care. Faith and other workers from her church are able to make a connection with the children in these communities and can begin a relationship with the families living there. Through these weekly Bible story gatherings, Faith has been able to engage with six families on a deeper level.

When CHF Mercy Network churches go out to deliver hope, they usually have food to give to the people. CHF has not been able to deliver Food Paks to the Philippines for over a year due to government regulations. Even though they have been unable to bring food to families who are in desperate need, God has opened up a way for these relationships to develop and flourish. Children’s Hunger Fund is happy to announce that a container of food was sent to the Philippines at the beginning of November and should reach them by Christmas.

Praise be to God for his open doors of mercy!

When you use Answers VBS, you can help CHF provide food and the Gospel to these struggling people. We partner with Children's Hunger Fund to help meet the needs of people around the world.

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